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Painting, Tiling and Plumbing Services

We provide a one-stop contracting service to not only repair all damp issues but we also attend to all the remedial work to improve the area worked on, such as re-tiling, painting and plumbing as required. It means you don’t need multiple unknown contractors on your site.

We undertake large or small painting projects, as well as tiling and plumbing projects needed to fully finish the work in conjunction with our primary Dampproofing.

As our primary specialty is Dampproofing, our approach to painting is with waterproofing as its main aim. We approach a project with holistic long-term protection as our goal. Unlike painters who are just there to paint, we analyze the long-term needs of the building and advise accordingly. We can do superficial painting jobs cheaply if so required, however, that is usually a waste of funds so we give sound long term suggestions.

Our general scope is as follows

• We hydroblast the problem walls to expose any cracks and weaknesses in the walls not readily visible.
• We repair or re-plaster and missing or compromised render.
• We cut open the cracks with a grinder and repair them properly by priming and sealing them with a cementious glue compound. It is then treated to match the surrounding finishes.
• We remove all old window sealer and reseal with a UV sun resistant Polyurethane. We do not use silicone which is more susceptible to the weather. We also seal all other openings for cables, pipes and fittings that may cause ingress.
• Weep holes are cleaned and covers fitted where applicable. These moulded Perspex covers prevent water ingress whilst still allowing the weep holes to function.
• All expansion joints and V-joints are cleaned and resealed.
• We seal the parapets and flashing with Elastocryl from Weatherprufe.
• Finally we seal the walls with Weatherklad. This is a specially formulated fibre enforced weatherproof coating tinted to the house colour that will seal all remaining minor cracks up to 1mm wide.

We attend to the complete finish to any project. This includes Tiling, Plumbing and Painting.

• We only use certified, qualified plumbers and tilers.
• Our tiling is of a high professional standard. We carry out the most intricate tiling in any medium including Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Travertine, Granite, Mosaics and Cladding.
• We can attend to the removal of bedroom and other cupboards to treat the walls for damp and mould. We can have these put back again. We also repair these as far as possible if they are water damaged, or we can rebuild them completely.

We can also attend to the stripping and redesigning of whole bathrooms including putting in new plumbing, fittings, tiling etc.